Friday, November 25, 2011

Thoughts on Black Friday

Today we played, as we always do. But my teenage daughter had a fascination with Black Friday, and Target (.25  miles from our home) had some interesting things, and guess who showed up for the midnight opening.

She was expecting riots and trampling crowds (the pepper spray at Walmart was a surprise). Everyone was very well behaved, and the there were at least 400 people!

We arrived at 11:30pm, waited for midnight, and wandered over near the door. They were well organized and we wandered around the building to find the end of the line.

It moved quickly. By the time we entered the store, every cart was in use! I've never seen every cart gone!

Electronics was was a zoo, as to be expected. We looked around for things on our list, found very little. We went to the front of the store, and they were using crowd control for the cashier's line.

I spent about $35, and was in bed by 1:05 AM.

After we got home from playing, I went over to Target again. The store was pretty empty (it was about 8:30 PM), and I found EVERYTHING on my list. It was great! No crowds, plenty of carts and staff to answer questions.

Lesson: sure...if Black Friday has something you want, go get it. Just go in off hours. Stores have X number of products to distribute over the weekend. Why be a part of the crush and fight over what you want...or not find it? Go later, shop, and succeed.

As with life, it's all about timing.


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