Monday, November 28, 2011

In the Lane, Snow is Glistening!

Saw a great Chevy commercial tonight...Scruffy male shopper in a heavy ranch jacket is admiring a Chevy Silverado truck in the showroom. He's approached by white-haired-and-bearded heavy-set salesman.

"It's a beauty, huh? Long lasting. Dependable, too," says the salesman (who needs to hold a mug emblazoned "Nick," because the oversized name tag is not as obvious! Unlike Mercedes' choice of Peter Xifo for the role, this one is the typical ultra white, long haired and long bearded Santa type. Is that a reflection on Chevy?)

"Yeah, I could really use a Silverado," the shoppper offers. "I'm a big hunter."

"Oh, what do you hunt?" ask the salesman.

"Deer," he says as he turns to Nick. He blinks looking at the salesman's iconic image, and corrects himself, ""

"You hunt fish. How does that work, exactly?" asks Nick.

"Put a bunch of camouflage on," he says gesturing to his face and upper body, "and look in the water."

It gets've got see it!

Thanks Chevy, for upholding gun rights and hunting (and fishing), and making the hunter thoughtful.

Two thumbs up!

Sheyrllyn McClintock