Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Am I a Gleek?

I hardly ever catch it on TV (what night is it on?), love it when I catch reruns shown as filler for other shows (what channel is Fox on?).

When Glee was near the end of it's second season, my college buddy Guy Klose recommended it to me. He said it was really funny.

I caught a few episodes, and was mortified by the "loser" logo, and by Sue Sylvester's (Jane Lynch) treatment of the students. "This is funny?" I wondered. Guy must be half-baked.

But I trust Guy. I've known him a long time, and we like a lot of the same things. If he likes it, I must be missing something. So I took the time* to dig around a little more, and found old episodes of Glee on the web. I watched, but my thoughts hadn't changed.

And then I saw "Preggers." This is when the only male gay student (Kurt) joins the football team with his half-brother (Finn), and the team breaks out mid-game when they are losing to perform "Single Ladies," complete with Beyonce choreography.

I laughed so hard I almost cried. Guy, you were right.*

Recently they ran 2 hours of season two Glee episodes as filler before Simon Cowell's new show started. I caught the end of Glee's Rocky Horror Picture Show and Silly Love Songs. Both of these were aired before Guy told me about the show. And I to see the whole Rocky Horror episode. I watched the movie many, many times during college. Midnight showings, Race & 6th, Cincinnati.

Let's do the time warp again!

Am I a Gleek? Are you?

* That is the Power of Influence.

Monday, October 31, 2011


LOL, we are watching Jeopardy! and the questions were on sea animals and shells (how Providential!).

Sure enough...our ice cream cones were included..."They are named after this carpenter's tool they resemble"

None of the contestants got it..."The answer is: What is an Auger?" Thanks Alex!

Therefore...we found over 300 auger shells...

And the squiggly thing...it appears to be a Worm Shell, only ours is calcified.

Now if someone finds the sand dollar in the photo...

It's the Great Google, Charlie Brown!

Have you seen Google today? They are doing their twist on the Great Pumpkin(s)...and these pumpkins are HUGE - larger than the hay bales they are resting on.

Fun stop action photography vid on pumpkin carving. Surprise ending!

It's a must see. Go!

Now engineers and creative people...tell me how this is done....please! It cracks me up!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Great Finds at the Beach Tonight!

Tonight was awesome on the beach! We found over 20 perfect scallops, over 300 "ice cream cones" including rare colors of all black and all white, oyster shells (a first); a lobster tail (another first, and it still had meat on it!); crab heads and claws, one large fully intact crab; muscles of all sizes; some wild stuff we don't even know what it is, barnacles growing barnacles (a first); and best of all a 6-7/8" purple starfish (a definite first)!

Can you find the sand dollar?

The wild squigly stuff is in the upper left corner, by the oyster, crab and muscle shells. Gray and twisted. My son says it looks like hardened intestines, it is so twisted!

Ice Cream Cones are our favorites. We usually find a few, never the motherlode we found today. I called it a "cone convention that got busted." The question would be...what were they busted for? LOL We usually hunt and hunt and find one or two, but today we would look down and have them all around us.

We had never seen black cones before, then I found a tiny white one. So rare (to us)! Usually cones are brown or mottled brown. I even found one that was a skeleton of the shell. So cool.

If you know what we found, please post!

I went from "never finding a cone" to find easily 100. Unless it is a scallop, I'm the worst at finding shells. I'm always looking at the sunset!

God's creation is awesome. The beauty of creation reflects the infinite beauty of the Creator and ought to inspire the respect and submission of man's intellect and will.

Perfection is in the little things.

Bolsa Chica State Beach, Warner & PCH, Huntington Beach, CA
High tide was about 12:30pm; and this was about 5:30pm - 6:30pm. Very low tide, and a large flat shelf.

Where's Waldo?...find the Sand Dollar!

6-7/8" and still soft (but very dead). Love the purple color!

The bottom of the Star Fish. The blue lines on the bottom right leg are drying cracks that have begun.
The holes in the center are fascinating!