Saturday, October 15, 2011

Aw! I'm Blushing!

My Darling Daughter and I went to the Gem Faire today. She's very creative with her beading (subscribe to her blog at as she is certain to post her creations either featured or on her person), and needed to restock.

It's a small show (the largest of the OC Fair's Cavalcade of Crap, oh, I mean of Products buildings and the breezeway between the two buildings), and she's wisely frugal. She knows who charges the same prices at the show as their stores, and who charges less. ("Smart girl!" says her mother proudly.)

We discovered again (it's been years since we attended) that the best prices were in the back of the house (isn't the fun always there?). At one of our last vendors, a young man had joined his mother to assist with sales.

As he was verifying my ID (CA Driver's License) he commented how much younger I looked. I was stunned - the photo is only 3 years old. The picture on this blog is a year or two more than that. He kept going on about it, and I laughed that it must be the new products I'm using (more on that later). With a joyful step we headed home with our purchases.

What a way to make my day!