Saturday, April 24, 2010

I joined tonight.

Mom and I are home now (in California, that is). We had a great flight into Long Beach, an airport so small you walk out to the plane and up the steps. Since dinner she's been answering my son's questions about his ancestors.

I figured I'd better capture the gems I didn't know. I set up a recorder and let them talk.

I know a lot about our 'near' history. I've always been interested in my parent's families and what was happening. When we were younger, all of us were much closer. I miss it. is interesting. It's facebook for dead people!

The real interest seems to be finding the live ones, so you can find out history you don't know, but AC makes that rather difficult. You only see "Living ______" (fill in the last name of the father above them) for anyone living in a tree that you view. (It is cool how AC finds other trees that resemble yours, which helps you build your own genealogy). Unless you want to chat with the tree builder (and some of them have stopped being members, yet the tree remains), and they are willing to give you the contact info of their relative (very, very rare), you only find dead people!   facebook for dead people.

It should be their advertising campaign.

And yes, I want credit!

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