Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sleigh Bells Ring...

I saw some great commercials this weekend. I love their creativity!

The first was for the Mercedes Winter Event. Apparently, MB has been using this theme idea for years, but this is the first one I've seen.

It opens with Nick turning the head of a generic wooden soldier (the secret switch), which opens the secret door (the toy shelf) to his hidden lair...his "sleigh" garage. Only Santa's is exclusively full of candy (cane) red Mercedes-Benz's cars of various vintages.

I like the hi-res version of this commercial because you can see the cars better. Who can name them off? They are beautiful!

I like the actor playing Nick, too - not the typical ultra-white hair guy with an extra long and full beard. His is still a little dark and neatly trimmed...Santa as a metro-sexual? LOL.

Apparently I found the actor's YouTube page. His name is Peter Xifo. Good job Peter! (Watching his demo reel he played Nick on The Mentalist last year. It was one of those seasonal episodes that was actually watchable! Kudos to The Mentalist & Peter!)

Nick's garage is incredible. Big cathedral paned windows, great woodwork. I really like it when the sports coupe starts and flashes its headlights. "Pick ME!" Nick smiles, eyes twinkling, and opens the driver's door.

As he drives out of the garage, and the first curve of the driveway, he comes up behind 8 silver Mercedes, standing ready to lead the way.

The imagery of Santa in a red sleigh, and the 8 reindeer is great. But where's Rudolph, with a red nose? There's Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen...Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen (thank you Johnny Marks for composing and Burl Ives for singing!). C'mon Mercedes, complete the image...maybe put a police bubble on top of another silver Mercedes?

Silver Mercedes promotions seem to be the big incentive these days. Lots of companies have them and the cars are very obtainable (I've driven a free car since 2005).

When I won my car the company allowed you to chose what you wanted. Seeing gas would be rising, I chose small and economical. The payment from the company pays for the car and a tank of cool is that?

And now the focus is on Silver Mercedes. I rather resist fitting into a standard shapes...a square peg in a round hole kind of gal. A silver car? Not my favorite color. Especially if it is ubiquitous.

But the hot red sports MB coupe? Oh yeah. I'll take that!

Sheryllyn McClintock

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