Thursday, October 27, 2011

Another Blow for the Sexual Revolution? (Part 1 of 2)

I think of the Sexual Revolution as part of the mid-1960's counterculture: free love, feminism, bra burning, Woodstock, etc. Depending on your reference, the revolution may have begun in 1870s (Warning! Veggy Explicit Photo!).

After the 1960's, homosexual relationships bumped and ground their way to the forefront of our culture.

And then came HIV and AIDS. The first case was reported June 5, 1981. I remember reading a fascinating article about it, and who was 'Ground Zero.' I think it was in Parade Magazine, the insert of the Sunday paper (this would have been of The Cincinnati Enquirer). This issue included an article about those innocently infected, through blood transfusions, administering aide, etc.

AIDs as taken many a dear soul, including a friend of mine, and an employer.

The latest event, with perhaps the largest impact, is the discovery of HPV in men. The human papillomavirus  (yes, it is just two words), the cause of more than 70% of the cervical cancer in women, as well as cancer in other areas of the groin. It is something you have probably heard Gardasil vaccines advertised for young women. And now HPV found to be a cause of head and throat cancer in men (tongue, tonsils, throat).

This story broke in the UK in February 2011, with the information of the vaccine for boys. It took until October 2011 for me to hear of it, as the vaccine flag caught my attention tonight on the ABC News.

The $64,000.00 question is: can men then spread the cancer to others through kissing? AIDS requires a transfer of fluids. It appears that HPV does, as well.

Which is downright scary.

The Mr & Mrs are enjoying the fruits of the marriage. The Mrs develops cervical cancer, and passes. Her husband, seemingly free of any cancer, seeks a new wife. He doesn't know it, but he is carrying HPV virus in his throat.

Blessings! He finds a new bride. Can he now pass HPV to her through kissing? Or can it be passed only through the consummation of their marriage? (I'm trying to be sensitive to young readers...)

Now let's take it to the less conservative individuals ( i.e., those that are active outside of marriage). She's HPV positive, doesn't know it. He contracts it, doesn't know it. Can it be passed from kissing from him to others through? Or is it only through more intimate contact? If it can be passed by kissing, can it be passed to others by kissing as well? (He (A) kisses B, who kisses C, who kisses D, etc). Are they all able to be infected? Can it cause throat cancer in women? Or travel to their cervix? (See how this unwinds?!?)

The repercussions of this could be huge! Not only in a massive breakout of cancer in men and women (and cervical cancer is a very quick killer, averaging 6 weeks (like pancreatic cancer) from what I've seen), devastation of families and awareness of sexually transmitted diseases like never before.

Might it also drive us back to the a more puritanical time, before the sexual revolution began...perhaps even to the Colonial Era? Not only is the importance of virginal purity in a young person important (to protect them and their future spouse) but also the purity of the relationship itself. It could also radically change our fashion industry, as the Colonials wore long skirts clothing of full covering. They were circumspect in behavior.

Showing the ankle will be the new rage for "sex sells" in advertising. Imagine that!

What are your thoughts?

Be sure to see the next post  for facts about HPV.

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