Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cincinnati: Yet Another Irony!

I was talking with my dear friend David Biren of Clifton, about tv show Harry's Law. He wasn't familiar with it, and wasn't aware there was a show set in Cincinnati. (David owns D. Raphael, my favorite shop in Cincinati. He has the most unique items! I found the store and met him when I was a freshman in college, and have been friends every since.)

I told him when it was on (with the time change, it was already off), and then he mentioned he didn't have cable.

That made me pause...why would he need cable?

Then I remember: Cincinnati DOES NOT have broadcating NBC affiliate!

Does NBC know? Has anyone with Arbitron figured this out? The town that should be glued into their local show can't watch it because it isn't broadcast!

Irony of Ironies...this is rich!

At some point, the stations played musical chairs. It used to be that WKRC was the ABC affiliate, WCPO was the CBS affiliate, and WLWT was the NBC affiliate.

Now WKRC is CBS, WCPO is ABC and WLWT says they are NBC. Why did they switch? More important, why isn't WLWT broadcasting? Why are they only on cable? Has holding a broadcast license in the public gone away?

Ah...something to dig into when I've got the time. As prince George says "You have to remember that in the microcosm of Cincinnati, Ohio through northern Kentucky..."

Here, here! So very true.

And the older he gets, the more he looks like his dad, Nick. Who will forever be, in my mind, the face of local news. For my children, it will be Chuck Henry. For me, Nick Clooney.

When you go up in a microcosm, it stays with you!

But that's not irony. Just a bunny trail.



  1. Cincinnati does have an NBC broadcast affiliate. It's channel 5. Harry's Law is on at 9:00 Wednesdays.

  2. Yes, WLWT was assigned to Ch 5.

    Every since the conversion to HDTV, whenever I've been in town (NKY), I've not been able to access WLWT over the air.

    Neither can my friend in Cincinnati.

    Are you watching WLWT through a paid format like cable or DTV?

    Thanks for writing!