Friday, November 18, 2011

It's Not Him


I received a call this morning from a Marty, a staff member of Morgan Griffith, Congressman for Virginia.

I had written to Mr. Griffith to see if we might be related.

I can't find any recent information on our grandfather (nothing since 1930 census). He and Mr. Griffith have the same name, and are from the same area (Philly, PA). I was so hoping that a) he would respond and b) we were second cousins.

Well, he responded, at least through Marty. Turns out he is into history, and has done some work on his geneology. But no, it doesn't appear we share the same grandfather.

Mr. Griffith graciously invited me to make contact if I am in DC. Next time I go to Baltimore, I'll try. (and I'll give you a heads up too, Neil!)

Morgan Griffith of Glenolden PA, born 1902 in North Carolina, what happened to you? Where is your family? Is there someplace in I've missed?

Maybe a trip to Philadephia is in order. Well, after Mom stabilizes a bit.

If you've got ideas, do share!

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